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+150 Years combined Experience

欧美最猛性XXXXX大叫's Leadership

Achieving architecture greatness is more than just designing a building or place 欧美生活片 it’s about making a difference in everyday lives, Alliance develops innovative and elegant design concepts that integrate the historic traditions of the region with the possibilities and materials offered by the most up to date, world-class technology. Good architecture transcends eras and cultures.

Abubakr Hejazi


Arbia Abid

Operations Manager

Sara Amini

Business Development Manager

A. Chamberlain

Design Manager

Hussein Kaddah

Project Manager

Alaa Al-Rawi

Lead Architect

Azadeh Zaferani​

Head of Commercial Projects

Liza Iannaillo​

Head of Residential Projects

Samah Hussein

Head of Interior

A. Shalaby​

Head of Structure​

Elaf Nasair

Head of Construction Management

A. Shobaky​

Head of MEP

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